QRNG (Quantum Random Number Generator) is a device that generates truly random numbers using the principles of quantum mechanics. The random numbers generated by QRNGs are truly unpredictable and cannot be replicated, making them valuable for applications that require high levels of randomness and security.

Cyber resilience

The best use case for QRNG is in situations where true randomness is critical, such as:

Cryptography: Random numbers are crucial for creating secure cryptographic keys. QRNGs can be used to generate truly random numbers that can be used to create unbreakable cryptographic keys for secure communication.

Gaming: Random numbers are essential in the gaming industry for creating fair and unbiased games. QRNGs can be used to generate truly random numbers for games such as lotteries, online casinos, and other gambling applications.

Simulation and modeling: In many scientific applications, truly random numbers are needed to simulate natural phenomena, such as the weather, the behavior of materials, and biological systems. QRNGs can provide a source of truly random numbers for these simulations.

Statistical analysis: Random numbers are essential in statistical analysis, for example, in Monte Carlo simulations, where random numbers are used to generate samples for statistical analysis. QRNGs can provide a source of truly random numbers for these types of applications.



Password and
PIN generation


Use true quantum randomness to generate the most secure passwords and PINs.



Enhance your cyber resilience by improving the security of both data in transit and data at rest.



Ensure the most accurate results in statistical simulations used across a wide array of industrial sectors and industries.

Machine learning
& optimisation


Reduce errors with high quality random number generation – a critical component of machine learning and optimisation algorithms.