High quality genuine

cryptographic entropy



Random numbers are the bedrock that underpins current cyber security. Low quality random number generators directly cause vulnerabilities in cyber security.

Pseudo Random Numbers
Generators that aren’t truly random with potential built-in backdoors which are unsuitable for cryptography.

Hardware random numbers
Using noisy physical processes as a source of entropy, hardware generators aren’t truly random, increasing the risk when used in cryptographic applications.

Quantum Random Number Generators supply the cryptographic-grade entropy by using the fundamental randomness of quantum mechanics.

True quantum random numbers

on a chip

Quantum Entropy
Use the most unpredictable random numbers to securely deploy cryptography using our self monitoring entropy generator.

Semiconductor chip
Low cost, scalable entropy with low power consumption, footprint and weight, our on-chip QRNG can be integrated into a wide variety of devices and systems.


True Entropy

Password and PIN generation

Use true quantum randomness to generate the most secure passwords and PINs.


Enhance your cyber resilience by improving the security of both data in transit and data at rest.

Statistical simulation

Ensure the most accurate results in statistical simulations used across a wide array of industrial sectors and industries.

Machine learning & optimisation

Reduce errors with high quality random number generation – a critical component of machine learning and optimisation algorithms.