QKD (Quantum Key Distribution) is a method for securely distributing cryptographic keys using the principles of quantum mechanics. The main advantage of QKD is that it provides a level of security that is based on the laws of physics, rather than computational complexity. This makes it an attractive solution for applications where high security is critical.

Practical quantum security

The best use case for QKD is in situations where the security of data transmission is of utmost importance. For example:

1. Government and military communications: QKD can be used to protect the transmission of classified information between military and government entities.

2. Financial transactions: QKD can be used to secure financial transactions, such as stock trades or banking transfers, which involve the transfer of sensitive information and large amounts of money.

3. Healthcare: QKD can be used to secure the transmission of medical records, patient information, and other confidential healthcare data.

4. Critical infrastructure: QKD can be used to secure the transmission of data for critical infrastructure, such as power grids and
transportation systems.

5. Large organizations: QKD can be used by large organizations to secure their internal communications, including emails, file transfers, and other sensitive data.

Data centre


Secure off-site back up for data centres, cloud storage and emergency recovery.



Protect communications within a single industrial or commercial campus or connect multiple secure buildings.

Industrial sensor


Authenticate & defend remote sensor networks, deployable in factory automation, critical infrastructure and more.



Safeguard global communications with satellites and high altitude pseudo-satellites, connecting the hardest to reach locations and platforms.