Traditional crypto works by utilising problems that double in difficulty for a computer to crack as they grow. These are the key building blocks from which we build secure applications. But this is not true for a quantum computer. In fact, they are tailormade to efficiently solve these problems. And the progress towards quantum computers breaking our current cryptography algorithms and enabling access to our private data and key communications has been rapidly accelerating.

Practical quantum security

With our world leading expertise, we have harnessed the power of quantum photonics into our chip-based platform, allowing quantum security to become practical for the first time. KETS’ on-chip Quantum Key Distribution system offers a practical solution by optically distributing secure cryptographic key. We have miniaturised quantum-safe hardware by size, form-factor, and at a price-point that allows it to scale for the quantum era. Widely used across industry, integrated photonics chips allows flexible, cost-effective and robust solutions to be deployed at scale even in the most challenging environments.

With eavesdropper detection, you can actively defend your network and be alerted to these previously invisible threats. We harness the properties of quantum mechanics to solve challenging problems in randomness generationand secure key distribution & enable ultra secure communications. Our unique approach is to integrated photonic technologies to offer practical, miniaturised and cost-effective solutions.

Data centre


Secure off-site back up for data centres, cloud storage and emergency recovery.



Protect communications within a single industrial or commercial campus or connect multiple secure buildings.

Industrial sensor


Authenticate & defend remote sensor networks, deployable in factory automation, critical infrastructure and more.



Safeguard global communications with satellites and high altitude pseudo-satellites, connecting the hardest to reach locations and platforms.